Do you want your child to go to a "good school with outstanding elements"? 

At Southwark Primary Free School we are excited to offer children the opportunity to enjoy our vibrant, well-resourced curriculum and child-led learning.

Come and see what we can offer your child.

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Reception together with Years 1, 2, 3 & 4
We’ve Expanded
If you believe, can you succeed?
Inspiring to Achieve
Is a goal meant to be reached or is it something we aim for?
Is being too cautious one of life’s greatest risks?
There is nothing impossible to those who try?



We have some really exciting events and outings planned for this summer. Please be sure to check the calendar so you don’t miss out on any of them. 

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Forest School

topt 2-3

Contract caterers provide a two course midday meal, which consists of a choice of hot and cold dishes. Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch to school which should be filled with healthy food.

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We believe that every child deserves the best from their school, that it should be a place where all children are able to learn, aspire and succeed and have a first class education irrespective of their background and circumstances.

To achieve this a not for profit organisation, the Southwark Free Schools Trust, has been set up to open and run an outstanding new primary school in the borough.

About us


From September 2017, a brand new state of the art school building will be ready to serve the staff, pupils and community of Southwark Primary Free School at 391 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 3HG. Construction is now well underway – Exciting times ahead!

We aim to create a strong sense of pride and ownership of the school site and will keep everyone updated as construction progresses by posting pictures here or within our dedicated News Update Section below.


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